Approaching its 25th anniversary, Orchard had begun to break out of its flat to modest growth stretch with 12% growth over a recent one-year period—and they wanted to maintain that momentum. At the time, the lease period was ending on its then-main press, a Xerox® Color 1000 Press, which includes a fifth toner housing for clear dry ink—a capability Orchard used to enhance visual appeal and to provide security, by making printed pieces harder to copy. Janet and her team searched for a replacement, ultimately choosing the Color 800i Press, because it “rightsizes” Orchard’s print volume and provides the industry’s only digital printing with gold and metallic dry inks—and also offers clear dry ink. The metallic inks are less expensive and less toxic than foil alternatives, and the digital process cuts turnaround times by days or weeks, making for significantly happier customers. “The new machine is allowing us to be more creative and to grow by offering something you can’t buy anywhere else in the area,” Janet said. Her relationship with Xerox also influenced her decision. “I get on well with the Xerox team,” she said. “They have a great service team, and I’ve worked with them a long time in my previous employment (and since the company’s founding).” The press was installed in October 2016, and as part of the deal, Xerox is providing business development services to help Orchard management chart a profitable growth path.